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I will be reading with some big names at “RADICALS”!

I’m thrilled to have been invited to read a story (this one unpublished) at RADICALS in the Castro the night before Folsom!

I will be joining Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton (authors of “The Ethical Slut,” the seminal treatise on polyamory), legendary leatherman and author Jack Fritscher, and others.

EVENT DETAILS: 7 p.m. on September 26 (the night before Folsom) at Books Inc. in the Castro, 2275 Market St. in SF.

Here’s the blurb by Mike Miksche, the organizer of the event, who will read his story about the joys of being whipped. Hope to see you there!

From the glory days of San Francisco’s leather scene to the glory holes of today, RADICALS is a journey through stories and ideas that define radical sexuality in the modern world. Featuring legendary writer and the founding San Francisco editor-in-chief of Drummer Magazine Jack Fritscher, along with Dossie Easton + Janet Hardy (The Ethical Slut, Radical Ecstasy), Mike Miksche (Paris Demands), Olivia Summersweet (Contributor to the Big Book of Domination) and Madison Young. The theories and fictions of this evening will bind you so tight that you’ll be begging for more. RADICALS celebrates human sexuality on the eve of Folsom Fair 2015.

Breaking news: “Big Book of Domination” wins award!

A message just came in from the fabulous D.L. King about her anthology “The Big Book of Domination,” which contains my story “From Innocent to Slave: the Story of My Corruption.” This is from her announcement via email:

“I’ve just learned that The Big Book of Domination has won the silver
medal for erotica in the Independent Publisher’s Book Awards (IPPYs).
We are also a finalist for the National Leather Association-International Writing Awards Samois Anthology Award (won’t know until the end of the summer) and David Wraith’s story, ‘Prison
Bitch,’ is a finalist for the John Preston Short Story Award in the
same contest.”

I’m so honored to be a part of this! Congrats to D.L. King and everyone involved, including the incredible Laura Antoniou (who wrote a standout preface), and good luck to the incredible David Wraith!


2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. oliviasummersweet Post author

      Thanks, Lisabet! I think it’s necessary to experience submission and *good domination* to understand. I think that otherwise, it’s like trying to explain what ice cream tastes like … or any of those analogies .. explaining sight to a blind person, or music to the deaf, etc. Nevertheless, the story is my attempt to give people without experience at least a glimmering of what it’s like when you do experience it, especially for the first time…


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